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Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth

We've a scabby Abbie at the moment - that's why this occurred.

Friday last week, Kosh (the Tom) went to the vet about his idiopathic rodent ulcers (he gets them every summer, nasty scabbing in his fur which he then gnaws at and makes his belly raw). This time, the vet upped the pill dosage, put a large plastic cone collar on, and said he had to be kept in for a fortnight.

Well, he didn't like the collar at all, and didn't like being kept in.

Talia (the Queen) didn't like being kept in either. They're both keen hunters.

But for the first few days, it was OK. A certain amount of grousing from both of them, but it's only temporary after all. They could deal with it. Then, come Tuesday evening and we get home, there was no sign of Talia. Now, she's a small cat, and when she doesn't want to be found (such as when she's about to be taken to the vet, or whatever), she can be remarkably absent. But we looked everywhere, and no sign. We looked around outside, called for her, but no.

She hadn't magically reappeared on Wednesday evening. Well, if she had been hiding in some tiny crack somewhere in the house, she'd have reappeared by then. But no sign of her outside, no reply to calls, nothing. If she'd slipped out when we were leaving the previous morning, then she'd managed to do it remarkably invisibly.

So yesterday morning, we decided to split the house. We reopened the cat flap into the conservatory, closing the door from it into the rest of the house, and put food and water in there. I popped home early afternoon, but the food hadn't been touched.

bellinghwoman went off to Norwich after work on, and got home at about 19:30. The food had been touched by then, but no sign of any cat around. Since a neighbour cat does steal in sometimes, it looked like that might have happened.

OK, if that was her, not a stranger cat, then she was probably sulking. The only option was to lock Kosh in a bedroom on his own, open the rest of the house up, and just hope she'd reappear. We sat down, had our evening meal and watched a bit of TV, and still neither sight nor sound.

And then it was time to pop upstairs to check my mail and forums.

And there she was, sitting on my chair, casually washing herself.

I could have strangled her.
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