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#48 Christopher Moore: Bloodsucking Fiends

Christopher Moore: Bloodsucking Fiends

Paperback 368 pages (August 3, 2006)
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN-10: 1841494496
Category(ies): Fantasy

It's nice to see that Orbit has started republishing Moore, as this is his third novel, copyrighted back in '95. Here, he addresses the vampire novel. Within 5 pages, our San Francisco heroine has been attacked by a vampire and killed. Life goes downhill from there.

OK, actually, it doesn't, since (a) she no longer has one, and (b) her killer was very considerate and left her $100,000 as a starter. She then has to come to terms with being a vampire (and there aren't many around - possibly only her and the vampire that converted her), find out what's going on, get a minion, work out what her limitations are (a very amusing process, as her minion/boyfriend is determined to go through every vampire book he can find, and try every ability. No, she can't turn into a wolf. Not even with dog-biscuits as a reward.), and ultimately come to terms with her situation.

I'd say that this is the best of Moore's first three novels. His depiction of the Animals - a night shift bunch of shelf stackers in a Safeway supermarket - is laugh-out-loud funny, especially the turkey bowling.

Darkly comic, but with a real feeling for his characters.
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