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Off in the distance
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2006-08-27 01:13
Subject: #47 Christopher Moore: Coyote Blue
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Tags:books, reviews
Christopher Moore: Coyote Blue

Paperback 352 pages (July 6, 2006)
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN-10: 1841494488
Category(ies): Fantasy

I read Moore's début, Practical Demonkeeping, many years ago, and have been keeping an eye out for his stuff ever since. Demonkeeping was a black comedy - a seminarian travels with a demon, whom he tries to keep under control. In Coyote Blue, our here is a mid-30s California super salesman who has everything except a sense of values. But he's hiding a secret - that 20 years earlier, he was a Crow Indian living on a reservation, who push a cop to his death off a dam.

Naturally, he has to come to terms with his past, and that he is (unknown to him) the representative of the trickster God Coyote only serves to make it all harder. Coyote is an uncertain ally.

Unlike Demonkeeping, this is not a black comedy, though there can be dark episodes. I wouldn't rate it as high as Demonkeeping, but it's still worth reading.
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