The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

I escaped from the Dungeon of Bellinghman!

I killed Sesquipedality the owlbear, Artela the fire elemental, Simonb the goblin, Green Amber the kobold, Lnr the arch-demon, Ewx the floating eye, Groliffe the fire elemental, Rysmiel the kobold, Reddragdiva the troll, Songster the minotaur, Purple Terror the gelatinous cube, Nallac the orc, Marykaykare the rat, Crazyscot the leprechaun, Sion A the minotaur, Hesadevil the kobold, Ephiriel the cockatrice, Nicolai the goblin, Sshi the troll, Bellinghwoman the leprechaun, Renarde the dragon, Rmc28 the kobold, Davidstewart the orc, Krabbe the floating eye, Mikewd the orc, Hypatia the fire elemental, Bofhcam the zombie, Howardtayler the orc, Hobnobs the nymph, Grumpoldusenaut the goblin, Ukskeptic the goblin, Paul Kruzycki the leprechaun, Burkesworks the dragon, Loriba the kobold, Totkat the gelatinous cube, Happydisciple the gelatinous cube, Jhnc the minotaur, Marco Villalta the floating eye, Gidjabolgo the giant spider and Taffbug the goblin.

I looted the Wand of Kelvix, the Armour of Brisingamen, the Sword of Ireland, the Sceptre of Cooking, the Axe of Glinda W, a Figurine of Saraphale, the Shield of J4, the Wand of Senji, a Figurine of Uitlander, the Crown of Autopope, the Sword of Rillaith, the Dagger of Pink Floyd, the Crown of Perdita Fysh, the Shield of Bfrb, the Shield of La Marquise De , the Dagger of Fluffcthulhu, the Wand of Ursula Leguin, the Amulet of Timill, a Figurine of Felinitykat, the Crown of Knell, the Wand of Tom Holt, the Sceptre of Cooking, a Figurine of Bonsaii, the Shield of Peter Morwood, the Dagger of Beckyl, the Amulet of Sf, the Wand of Conventions and 884 gold pieces.

Score: 1409

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For some reason, I couldn't find anything on the second level.

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