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#28 Eoin Colfer: Half Moon Investigations

Eoin Colfer: Half Moon Investigations

Hardcover 320 pages (June 1, 2006)
Publisher: Puffin Books
Language: English
ISBN: 0141382708
Category(ies): YA/Crime

OK, so this is about a precocious 12 year old schoolboy detective in a provincial Irish town (probably down near Carlow or Wexford, is my guess). But the sense of place is great, and although the villains are a little implausible (part of the problem of writing in this genre ), it's nicely done. Unlike the Artemis Fowl books, there isn't any magic, and there are no adult PoV characters used, which means it won't be as inviting for adult readers.But then, it's been written pretty straightforwardly for an early-teen/pre-teen audience, not for adults anyway.

Annoyingly, although this was in Tesco's, it wasn't in the normal book racks, but in the separate racks for cookbooks and kids stuff, that I don't usually look at.

Not an Artemis Fowl book, but a pleasant read anyway.
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