The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

It's a small world.

We used to belong to a wine tasting club, based in London. When it was started, it was based in Mayfair, nice and convenient to Oxford Circus tube, and it was a pretty regular monthly do. The food was good, the wine was good, and since the pair were chosen to go together, the meals were excellent.

But the admirable Don Hewitson had a heart attack and had to slow down. He sold two of his three wine bars, and passed the wine club on to friends. The friends run a place down in Pimlico, and though it is nice enough, for us coming from Royston, the two hours each way were a bit of a pain. Together with the fact that the organisers seem to have given up on the idea, we haven't been out to a good wine meal for absolute ages.

Tonight, we got to go to one again. As it was at the Pink Geranium (a place which Cambridge area people may have heard of), the fact that it's a five minute taxi ride from home means the journey isn't a problem. The food was excellent, and the wines ranged through to a Puligny Montrachet and a Gevrey Chambertin - both decent wines that went nicely with food.

But what was amusing was that we got chatting to a couple while waiting for the evening to start. We got, somehow, on to the subject of Heidelburg. So we mentioned that we had a friend who had studied both there and Cambridge. An Irish friend who'd also frequented TCD.

At this point, ears pricked up. A name was demanded. It was supplied.

So, rysmiel, Peter and Claire (spelling?) Rice seem to have heard of you.

(The scary thing was that they were the first people we talked to.)

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