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#24 David Langford: The Sex Column and other misprints

David Langford: The Sex Column and other misprints

Paperback: 244 pages
Publisher: Wildside Press (August 15, 2005)
ISBN: 1930997787
Category(ies): Collected columns

This comprises the collected copies of Mr Langford's columns in SFX magazine (the joke being that some element of the cover design always hid the base of the 'F', thereby allowing the possibility that the magazine was actually called SEX.)

As one would expect, these columns are almost always witty. There are a few errors (well, at least one - there was no Discworld Convention in 2000), but I'll forgive him that, since he mentions bellinghwoman and me by name in the text. Wheee! Naturally, Langford recycles a lot of material between his Ansible website stuff and his columns in SFX, but this is very much to be expected - why should an SFX reader be deprived of some news just because it has appeared on the web site, or vice versa.

As good as you'd expect, knowing Ansible
Tags: books, books by friends, reviews

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