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#14 Laurell K. Hamilton: Incubus Dreams

Laurell K. Hamilton: Incubus Dreams

Paperback: 658 pages
Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk (September 30, 2004)
ISBN: 1841493163
Category(ies): Fantasy

And this one was won on the BSFA stand at Concussion (the Glasgow Eastercon just past).

This is the volume just before Micah, so far as I can tell. There's a little more story here than in Micah, but then it's more than twice the size. Which means there's much more room for sex. And there's a lot of that, ranging as far as double penetration. Hmmm. And a lot of Ms Blake's internal struggles are how best to reconcile her smal town upbringing with her seeming need to screw anything in trousers. Oh, and which clothes work best, in the mechanical sense (she seems to have decided on skirt with a 'good garter belt').

Hard-core porn, with vampires.
Tags: books, reviews

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