The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Good, and bad, labelling

Discovered on an individually wrapped chocolate and cereal bar:

Allergy advice
  • Contains nuts, milk, wheat, gluten, soya.

  • This product may contain traces of other nuts, as it is made in a factory that uses other nut ingredients.

Now, I'm all for the allergy advice contained in the first point. It covers the information I would want to know clearly and concisely. But what is the second point about? I mean, yes, it may contain other nuts. Your recipe calls for peanuts, and the next production line sometimes uses almonds, and there's some occasional cross-contamination.

But you didn't tell me it contained peanuts only, no almonds. You just said it contains nuts and I (being hypothetically fatally allergic to macadamia nuts) would be gratefully following your advice and not eating your bar in the first place. Your second point contained no useful information whatsoever!

No, the wrapper in question had no ingredients list on it. Perhaps the outer carton indicates the actual nuts used, perhaps not.

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