The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

The needs meme

Meme: Google for the first ten hits on "$YOUR_FIRST_NAME needs", as stolen from autopope:

1. " text on Sheila, Tommy and Alan needs updating still" not exactly the active voice I was expecting

2. "Alan needs a good run in midfield so he can gain experience against good players" No, I'm not a Man U midfielder

3. "Alan needs to explain why China buying 10000000 barrels of oil on the open market affects the price of oil any differently from China "buying" 10000000" from a Chinese owned Unocal Americans get unhappy at the thought of foreigners owning one of 'their' companies

4. "Alan needs a DLL guru" No, I don't

5. "The longer the shadow, the quicker Alan needs to find shelter" I'm not going to pursue this

6. "Alan needs to ditch the corny pictures on the album artwork and on his site" Alan Braun is some metal guitarist

7. "Alan needs to make sure he finds employment with a company which is committed to equal opportunities and offers the flexibility to accommodate his religion" Indeed, I need full entitlement to sacrifice any annoying cow-orkers to fluffcthulhu

8. "Alan needs to learn to turn off his mic while someone else is on." Not me

9. "Alan needs to start using his Visual Basic Training" No way, José. I'm a C++ coder. Java's bad enough, but VB?

10. "Alan needs a family in which he feels cared for and loved." Hmph

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