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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2005-02-24 15:08
Subject: Oops
Security: Public
I've managed to disable the VGA device under Windows XP, with somewhat problematic results - in other words, XP is stuffed.

(Symptomology - at the end of Windows start-up, at the point when the screen should go from the initial splash screen to showing the desktop, the screen goes black and never comes back. In Safe Mode/Command Prompt Only, the list of loaded drivers just sits there.)

Anybody got any idea of a way on re-enabling it? Without reinstalling XP?

(I can dual-boot the system into W2K instead, which is fine. It's also on a LAN, so if there's any way of doing remote admin, I could do that.)

Yes, I do feel stupid.

(I'm also wondering whether changing the graphics card to something totally different would persuade XP to re-enable it.)
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Liam Proven
User: lproven
Date: 2005-02-24 17:00 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
That would be what I'd try.
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User: artela
Date: 2005-02-24 15:29 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
AFAIA the only cure for "black screen" in XP is a reinstall :-/
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James Shields
User: lostcarpark
Date: 2005-02-24 15:51 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Tricky. Very tricky.

It's also on a LAN, so if there's any way of doing remote admin, I could do that.

I don't suppose you have terminal services available on the machine, so in teory you might be able to log in romotely and reenable it. Unfortunately, I can't think of any way you could install it if it's not already set up. I was thinking VNC might let you do the same, but it only shows what's on the screen of the remote PC, so if there's no screen on the remote computer, it probably won't do any good.

(Makes mental not not to attemt likewise.)
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Barry: 01 Bikkits
User: hobnobs
Date: 2005-02-24 17:10 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:01 Bikkits
How did you disable it? via Device Manager/Computer Management/similar?

If so, and assuming the machine *is* running (just sans-gui) it might be possible to use an alternate XP/2K box and do the following. (As long as the target box doesn't have a personal firewall.)

1. Map a network drive to \\NETBIOSNAME\c$ using the administrator account of the target PC. (This step isn't required, but it forces all further connections to use the administrator account specified.)

2. Right-click the My Computer Icon, and select Manage.
3. Once Computer Management appears, right click "Computer Management (Local)" and select 'Connect to another computer...'
4. Enter the name/IP of the workstation in question in the 'Another computer' area and click OK.
5. As long as the machine is running, this will now be managing that workstation and mean you can do various bits such as re-enable devices, etc...

It might not work (due to many reasons I can think of), but then again it might...

(You can also connect to the target machine remotely via regedit, if any registry changes are needed. (Again; assuming no firewall, and that the remote registry service is enabled.) )
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Barry: 01 Bikkits
User: hobnobs
Date: 2005-02-24 17:12 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:01 Bikkits
ps. \\NETBIOSNAME\c$ can also be \\IPADDRESS\c$
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The Bellinghman
User: bellinghman
Date: 2005-02-24 17:18 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I must admit that I'd have happily typed in \\\c$ without even registering that you'd told me to put the NetBios name in.

Anyway, thanks, I'll try that.
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