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Several species of small furry animals gathered on a bed and grooving with a cat

Or maybe not grooving.

One of the worst features of this time of year is that there are a lot of naive young creatures that haven't yet learnt that cats are the top predators around here. Last night, Talia (our queen Abby) struck twice that I know of.

Firstly, she came in with a small mouse. When we got her to drop it, it was still kicking, but its head had gone. Yeuch.

Secondly, about half past midnight, she came in again, and I had the fun of chasing a small mouse round on the duvet (why, oh why does she think we want here catches on our bed?). Happily, I caught it without waking Colette up, and ejected it from the house.

(Apologies for the subject line)

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