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Off in the distance
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2005-01-03 23:04
Subject: 1: Dragonstar by Barbara Hambly
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Book details
Title Dragonstar
ISBN 0-345-44171-0
Release Date 2002
Price $6.99
Purchase Date 06/09/2004 (Worldcon)
Publisher Del Rey
Genre Fiction (Fantasy)

Hambly's Dragon series comprises, so far, four volumes. The first, Dragonsbane (which we don't appear to have) introduces Jenny Waynest and John Aversin in a mostly generic fantasy landscape (kings, barons, incursing bandits, gnomes, dragons, etc.) with a slight north country tinge (it's pretty cold, Jenny tends to wear a plaid).

The second, third and this, the fourth volume make up a tightly-bound trilogy - more of a story in three parts really - in which a Demon incursion must be defeated. At the start of this volume, things look black: Aversin is about to be burnt at the stake, the Sea Wight hellspawn are possessing the highest in the land, and Jenny has lost her magical abilities.

Eventually, all works out, though not all the good characters survive. It's tense in places, and John and Jenny spend much of their time apart, with their children in some peril. In general, good second-rank fantasy.
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