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Off in the distance
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2004-11-05 00:33
Subject: (no subject)
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What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level - 17%
Kissing Skill Level - 56%
Cudding Skill Level - 4%
Sex Skill Level - 86%
Why They Love You You can do amazing things with your tongue.
Why They Hate You You're too good to be true.
This fun quiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 941778 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

I must say, I do seem to be a little unbalanced there. And apologies for the multi-post - it was the first time using Semagic since the new OS install.
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User: bellinghwoman
Date: 2004-11-05 11:48 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I must say, I do seem to be a little unbalanced there.

You might say that; I couldn't possibly comment :-)
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User: bonsaii
Date: 2004-11-07 04:09 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Hiya! Just want to say "Hi" and thanks for friending me. Haven't posting anything other then comments yet, trying to think of something brilliant for my first post, you know...
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The Bellinghman
User: bellinghman
Date: 2004-11-07 09:46 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
That's OK - some people post lots of insightful comments on other people's threads without ever starting anything in their own journals.
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