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There we were last night. We'd watched Dr Who and were watching QI. About ten minutes in, we heard a cat yowling.

Now there are a lot of different yowls, not to mention a number of different cats around, so we just assumed one of ours was asserting territorial rights over the black and white mog that keeps wandering into our garden. But after a few minutes, it was apparent that there were no replies, this was a lone cat yowling.

And it sounded like the "I'm here, would you please come and retrieve me?" yowl. Not a desperate yowl, but one where we were supposed to do something. Oddly enough, it was quite distinctly audible within the living room, less so elsewhere in the house.

Sake was tracked down, and was perfectly OK.

Toro, though, not so much. No sign of him.

Time to grab a torch and go outside and try to determine where he was.

Not in our back garden, that was for sure, though he was audibly close by.

Nor in the front garden, though oddly he was still audibly close by.

Next door neighbour was knocked up, and they let us into their garden. No, not there.

But then they spotted him.

He was on top of our roof ridge.

That's why we'd been able to hear him so well in the living room - the sound coming down the chimney.

There's no sensible way for us to get onto our roof, particularly at night, and though I'm sure the Fire Service could get up there, we left him to it. After all, he wasn't actually stuck, he just didn't want that jump down he'd have to do.

So we left him.

Ten minutes later he wandered into the living room and asked for cuddles.

I think he appreciated being check on, even if he hadn't had the proper rescue.

I fear for the pigeons, though. They almost certainly think they're safe up there.
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