The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Oh, irony

Novacon 41 was enjoyed this weekend just gone. We enjoyed catching up with friends, which for us is a lot of what conventions are about, and went out for two meals. The first, with feorag and autopope, was a South Indian place named The Chennai. The food was (mostly) good and pretty vegan friendly, the price not extortionate, but oh my, they really do need more waiting staff on a Friday evening. Despite entering before 18:00, it still took about two and a half hours for them to serve us the two courses we did have, and rather than ask for the bill, I went to the counter to pay. I would go back, but only if I could be guaranteed better service.

The second was with groliffe, Caro, drplokta and flick, at a teppanyaki restaurant that the latter two had spotted while lost in the city looking for the hotel. Teppanyaki is a type of cuisine I wouldn't want to eat every day - it tend to be rather limited, in my experience - but I seem to have it about once a decade, and it does makes for a fun meal. It's somewhat more expensive though, with a bill of nearly twice what the Chennai cost (though in the Chennai, no alcohol was included).

Sunday evening was the beer tasting and 'Mexican' meal organised by the con, about half way through which I realised I was developing a really nasty cold, with my sinuses closing up. So I headed for bed at an early hour.

There then followed, rather unexpectedly, an extremely upset stomach and an episode of projectile vomiting (happily, I was in a fully tiled bathroom when that last bit happened). Looking things up, I may well be the victim of one of the noroviruses - the symptoms listed by the NHS all fit. There's not a lot I can do, except stay home and, definitely, do not visit any hospitals.

Bad news #2 - my mother was taken to hospital this morning.

(Bad news #3 - somehow, I managed to miss paying off the credit card that gets one payment taken from it every blue moon, and just got hit by charges on it.)

On the (possible) norovirus, during the tasting, at one point I went out to use the Gents, to discover in there a fellow fan who may well have suffered the same problem. If so, I expect others to also have encountered whatever the cause was.

(Incubation time: 24-48 hours, which means probably something I ate on the Saturday. The Teppanyaki is unlikely, since that was a fully shared meal, and apart from drplokta not having the seafood, and Caro having the vegetarian options, the other four of us had equal exposure. The burger at lunchtime is my #1 candidate, though it can transfer without food being involved.)

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