The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Things you don't want to see

Having popped out to go shopping at Tesco not long before it closed on Sunday, there was some curiosity from those in the carpark there as the local police helicopter flew over and hovered a few hundred metres to the south.

And on departing with my goods, I decided to take the route home that uses the road into the town centre, rather than the one that goes round the bypass (there's usually very little in it as far as travel times are concerned).

Coming over the railway bridge by the station, I was suddenly faced by what appeared to be a sea of flashing blue lights. Six police cars, the road closed, and definitely not a good scene.

According to the news, a man in his 60s, driving a red Mazda, had struck two small children, killing one of them.

I strongly suspect that someone at the White Bear pub will have seen something - it was a nice day, and that pub has tables out the front by the road.

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