The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

A full weekend

It was the first weekend in months that we've not had commitments, and it was a temptation just to laze around. But on Saturday, we went to Strawberry Rather than attempt to park near the town centre, we went round first to see our fellow Discworld Convention organisers Keith and Liz, up north of Histon Road.

From there, we walked down to Midsummer Common and on to the common, where we toured the fair. Amazingly, we only encountered one person we knew - where were you all? - and that was a Dutch colleague of bellingwomanthe bellingwoman>'s. Lot's of interesting things around, but I resisted the temptation of everything except an Ecuadorian Panama hat (my normal felt Fedora being a little hot for the hot day).

And back up Victoria Avenue, pausing briefly as previously mentioned, to drop back in on Keith and Liz where we had more tea and chatted. Keith and Liz mildly surprised us by being able to recall WWII memories - this is something that I can't, being born 15 years after the end of hostilities. Apparently, Liz has lived in the same small set of streets all her life.

On Sunday, we rose somewhat late and then walked out to the French Market in Royston. This is fun - lots of French traders with nice things like Norman saucissons, and Norman cheeses, and Norman honeys, and -- there seems to be a theme here -- Alsatian produce. I ended up buying a couple of saucissons, and bellingwomanthe bellingwoman bought some handmade soaps. We then retired to the Corn Exchange, which is a courtyard affair with small shops round its edge, where we say and had coffee. The waiter, a young lad, had got in the spirit of things and was sporting a beret and a (grease pencil) pencil moustache. The result was amazingly Parisian, and hearing the local accent from his mouth was disconcerting.

Home again, and cutting the lawn turned into a longer affair, as hedges and bushes got brutally clipped back, trees got pruned (the cherry no longer gets its branches in my way when mowing), and the result looks vastly better.

We could tell when the Duxford show ended, by the way, the local air traffic went through the roof as all the light aircraft headed off home over us.

We're not finished yet on the garden, but it's a good start.

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