The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman


  • The bad: the car failed to start on Wednesday morning, so I walked in to work
  • The good: it had started Tuesday evening, in the station car park - it would have been a right royal pain if it had failed to start there
  • The bad: although it started Thursday morning (my having bought and applied a battery charger), it failed to start Thursday evening
  • The good: it's not too far to walk home, and the evening was nice
  • The bad: even with jump leads from bellinghwoman's car, it failed to start this morning
  • The good: the garage sent its technicians round to get is started, and with a jump pack, they got it started and round the corner to the garage
  • The bad: the battery required replacement
  • The good: it was under warranty (new last November), so it was free
Extra good - the replacement rear discs that I need have come down in price since last year.

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