The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
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Phone replacement

My mobile phone went off for repair sometime late February, after I decided that the damned thing wasn't getting any better and had, in fact, become totally unusable.

(This was at a point far worse than any new user would have tolerated - all I can plead is the frog-boiling analogy: because it got worse tiny bit by tiny bit over months, I never really clocked just how bad it had become.)

Well, the repair place came to much the same conclusion that I had, and tried to call me on the 10th.

That was the day I was riding a Eurostar beneath the English Channel.

So they tried calling me again on the 17th.

That was the day I was riding a Eurostar beneath the English Channel, in the opposite direction.

Neither time did they get through to me - mostly because I'd not thought to give them my mobile number, not expecting them to take till the 10th in the first place.

I finally got in contact today, and they tried to offer me a replacement. For a Google Nexus One, a machine that was discontinued (with Google at the time apparently dropping out of making their own-name phones) some months ago. Oops.

Well, they offered as replacements a HTC Trophy (Windows 7), a Nokia N8 (Symbian), and two Blackberries (BB's OS, whatever that is).

They're now trying to work out whether they can actually find me an Android phone, and will (I hope) call me back in the next day or two with a better offer. I've told them that the HTC Desire is probably the closest they'll find of current phones, but who knows what they'll actually come up with.
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