The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

The Great Census/Identity Theft meme

2011 Living blissfully in rural Hertfordshire (the Cambridgeshire borders, quite literally, since the land on which this house is built lies within the half of the town that used to be in the county of Cambridgeshire), with bellinghwoman, waiting for our new kittens to become old enough to join us. Working for a small software company in Royston, commuting about 3 miles a day.

2001 Living with bellinghwoman on the Brentham Estate in North Ealing, with our two Abyssinian cats Kosh and Talia, and my white cat Tonic. Working for the same small software company. Commuting about 100 miles a day.

1991 Living in Ross Street in Cambridge, on my own having split from (but perhaps not yet divorced) my first wife, with my two white cats Gin and Tonic. No, they were two years old when I got them, and they came with those names. Working for the same small software company, though it was then in Melbourn. Commuting about 20 miles a day.

1981 Living in Cambridge, in St Catharine's College, studying Engineering. No cats.

1971 At boarding school, near Horsham in Sussex.

1961 Beginning to toddle in the small Oxfordshire village of Aynho.

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