The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman


We had a nice meal last night to celebrate my birthday.

The first thought had been to go to the Dish, a place we've only eaten at once so far since it opened, but sadly, they were doing a clairvoyant meal. No way do we want to have a woomeister wandering from table to table round us.

So on the principle that I didn't want anything exotic (no Chinese, Indian, Thai or Malaysian), but wanting something a bit above normal pub food too, I started trying to think where might be such a place in town.

And so we went to the Beldam restaurant at the Banyers instead. It's about 300 metres from our house on foot, and half that were we to clamber over a back fence.

We both ordered the same main dish - calves liver with bacon. And it was delightfully good, too. Delicate liver, cooked just right, and really rather nice bacon, with caramelised onions.

Entertainment was initially chatting to the other couple in the room, who were down from Hull to see their son passing out (RE, Bassingbourn, today). And then when they'd had their cod and gone off, trying not to overhear the hotel's owner and a couple of fellows putting the world to rights at another table. It seems from their conversation that the next coach at Cambridge might be the former captain of Sunderland.

In all, a nice meal, well presented, and as we said to the waiter at the end of the meal, you know its good food when the major complaint was the design of the cutlery.

(Second complaint was my first choice of wine being out of stock - it appears that Lisa P didn't sell him enough bottles of it.)

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