The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

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Ups and downs

The last 5 months of this year have been a mixed bag.

I've now had yet another bad bit of news this evening - my ex-mother-in-law (a woman who I respected greatly - it's far from easy to cope with triplets when you are literally single handed) died on Monday.

The funeral isn't till early January.

I'm going to remember some highlights from this year - we did greatly enjoy our trip down under - but the good things were almost all pre-planned (the exception being that lunch last Friday), whereas everything seems to have broken down (we've had to replace both the toaster and the oven this month), and there's been a number of deaths.

I've got at least one more bad thing coming, though how bad it will be, I don't know yet.

Here's to a better 2011

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