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This has been an unexpectedly expensive month.

Two sets of hotel bills (one for Nottingham, one for Paris, for a total of seven nights).

One replacement computer. With the final part needing replacement being the graphics card.

One replacement oven (previous one irreparable - we tried).

And now my car battery has failed, and is being replaced.

The car CD changer is also working again, but that also required some workshop time, it not being a blown fuse. (I now have a spare set of fuses, which I'm sure is useful.)

My credit card will not be fully paid off next month, the first time for many months. Even the trip down under didn't dent it so much, thanks to handling the costs in advance.

(Meanwhile, bellinghwoman is, amongst other things, paying the small fortune in veterinarian bills that a malignant tumour in a cat is causing.)

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