The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Credit Card worries

Checking my credit card details on-line to see whether this months payment had gone through, I spotted an item I hadn't seen before.

AUD12.00 SMARTE CARTE AUSTRALIA 800-328-9006, AUS 2036

Okay, who the heck was that? And why is this payment appearing on my credit card now?

Checking on-line indicates that they're based in Matraville, NSW, and that they're something to do with baggage. WTF? We spent less than 24 hours in New South Wales, about a month ago. Taxi (cash), tourist coach (ditto), meal, hotel (pre-paid), lunch (cash) ... nope, none of those fits.

Three weeks is a little slow for a credit card payment, but if someone's skimmed the card, it'd be about the sort of small sum they'd try in order to see if the owner is paying attention.

And then I remembered. We dumped our luggage at lockers at Perth airport for a few hours. Smarte Carte run those lockers.

I do wish they'd submitted the claim a bit earlier.

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