The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Open day

Well, that was interesting. For possibly Chinese values, but it wasn't a total disaster.

Yesterday was the day when the community farm was being shown off. The first slot was the media one, from 15:00 to 17:00, at which a BBC Look East reporter turned up (reportedly in sandals - a few hours later that would have been regrettable, but the rain hadn't started), and the Cambridge and Royston Evening News reporters also came along, or so I hear (I wasn't there, though bellinghwoman had taken the afternoon off).

17:00 to 19:00 was the second slot, which was for interested people to come along and see what we were up to. I arrived at about 17:30, with freshly made potato salad for later (using potatoes from the plot and a home-made duck egg mayonnaise). By now it was raining fairly steadily, and the paths began turning into mud.

And for the third slot, we decamped over to the Wimpole Hall Old Farm, carrying over the gear that had been under the pergola on the farm. If it had been dry, the original plan would have been fine, but a few hours of heavy rain were not conducive to a social occasion on bare ground. At least over at the Old Farm kitchen, there was a covered area with tables which we could use. We got the BBQ going and had what was not a bad meal - the salads were appreciated, and Ros had decided that her study on invasive crayfish in English rivers was an excellent opportunity - she turned up with a cool-box filled with American crayfish from her freezer, which were grilled over the coals.

(Not much meat on a crayfish.)

uitlander was there as well, and liasbluestone and mrscosmopilite dropped by briefly to collect some stuff on their way between Wiltshire and Birmingham.

If it had been something other than a day in which several hours of rain deposited tens of mm of rain onto the area, it would have been better, but I actually think we did all enjoy it anyway.
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