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Off in the distance
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2010-07-20 14:29
Subject: Ambition
Security: Public
Tags:world of warcraft
Now that Suomynona (or Su to her friends) has finally become a level 80 druid (laser chicken variety), it was time that she finally started going into instances.

It may have been a little ambitious for that first instance to be Forge of Souls.


But nobody died.

I think that's a success.
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User: korenwolf
Date: 2010-07-20 18:41 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The magic equation is the thing to remember

tankaggro + tankmitigation + heals + dps > boss

Given we were bringing three ICC10 or better toons along for the ride I reckon we balanced the equation :) It's also worth remembering that ICC5 are a gear reset and drop 232 level stuff, given that 245 is easily obtainable by badges, it's a breeze :)
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