The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

32: Terry Pratchett - A Hat Full Of Sky

Author: Terry Pratchett
Title: A Hat Full Of Sky
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Humour
Published: Doubleday, 2004
Pages: 350
Purchased: Tesco, Royston, 2004-04-28, £9.97
ISBN: 0-385-60736-9 (HB)

It's one of two Discworld novels Terry is publishing this year - this one being aimed at the same audience as Wee Free Men. It's the follow-on to that novel, and Tiffany is now 11. She's got the Mac Nac Feegle as friends, and they make good friends for, despite being six inches or less in height, they're enthusiastic Pictsie fighters. But when Tiffany goes away to learn about witching, they are unable to prevent her being pursued and attacked by a primeval, disembodied spirit.

Much of the novel follows Pratchett's common themes - there's a bunch of witches' assistants who are reminiscent of the wannabe witches that Agnes Nitt had to deal with. Granny Weatherwax makes an appearance, as does DEATH. And the end is about whether evil is done by creatures because they're evil, or perhaps just from fear, and the possibilities for redemption that this brings.

All in all, a reliable (though not perhaps riotous) outing. I rather hope to see more of Tiffany.
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