The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

New shiny means ...

... questions on apps

The new shiny in question is a Nexus One phone, with which I'm so far very happy. The ability of bellinghwoman to upload calendar updates to my phone is rather magical. As a smartphone, it's a whole level further one from the Nokia E61i that I was previously running (excepting battery life - but Nokia have some sort of fetish for high battery life: if you'd ever seen the lakes and forests around the town of Nokia, without a single tree-mounted charging point to be seen, I think you'd understand why).

However, while it is a vastly superior MP3 player (though I will be buying a 32GB card to get a decent proportion of my collection on it), and the connection to the GMail cloud makes much sense, the one app on my E61i that I want an equivalent to is my password keeper. So, the question is:

What do Android users recommend for holding passwords on a phone? It should be able to sync to a Windows desktop app, and it shouldn't be too expensive. Ability to generate secure passwords a bonus.
Tags: akicilj, android

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