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Off in the distance
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2010-06-17 11:23
Subject: Efficiency rules
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Tags:world of warcraft
My Druid, Suomynona, is currently in the Outlands, and considering moving on to Northrend now she's reached level 68. However, there is an issue.

She's a leatherworker and a skinner.

And her leatherworking is only at 284, too low to make use of the skin that drops from beast in the Outlands. She can't learn the recipes that make use of Knothide leather until her skill reaches 300, but she can't get the materials required to raise her skill in the Outlands. To get to 300, you need Rugged Leather, and lots of it.

Well, it was a problem, until last night, when she went off to north Winterspring and started skinning at possibly record speed. There was a level 80 Priest out there who was gathering the meat for the Frostsaber Trainer quests. Suo just followed behind at full speed, skinning as fast as she could, and occasionally running off to one side to pull some more beasts to the Priest.

Ah hour later, she had the 180 bits of Rugged leather she required, and levelled first to 300, and then to 317 on the basis of all the Knothide Leather she'd collected from the beasts in the Outlands.

Moral - check skills occasionally to make sure they're not getting left behind.
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