The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

On being a fully paid up farmer

As of last night, we're now members of the Wimpole Community Farm scheme.

Back in January, there was an initial meeting to gauge interest in a Community Supported Agriculture scheme. The plan was to create an association which would then rent some land, hire a grower, and have vegetables grown for their consumption.

As of last night, a name was chosen (see above) and membership is now open. bellinghwoman and I joined, and uitlander would have if she'd been able to make it there. Membership fees (which do not include rights to produce, but do provide voting rights, etc.) is £2.00 per month per member, which is expected to cover administrative costs. Actual produce cost will be on a per-share subscription, with a share expected to produce on average a vegetable box per week. The management team think this should be somewhere in the £10-12 range. They currently expect a full share to be suitable for a family of 4, and a half share for a couple.
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