The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Finding the Porterhouse

I have a suggestion for the next PhoenixCon ReadMe. And indeed, for the Octocon ReadMe.

Give directions to the Porterhouse.

Seriously, it's a strong tradition for people to gather there the lunchtime after the last day of the con, but not everyone automatically knows where it is. This time, I know that Laura Anne Gilman had difficulty finding it (being directed off the wrong way down Grafton Street), and Steve Westcott ended up so lost that he was only found when we checked the airport, where he was wistfully waiting for a passing seagull Aer Arann plane to whisk him home.

ETA: And Catie Murphy and Ted also had problems. (I knew there was at least someone else there who'd had difficulties.)

ETA: Checking, it seems that there are now three Porterhouses in Dublin itself, as well as those ones in Bray and Covent Garden. This means that simplicity of the old 'Bray or Dublin' choice (one that was easy for those on foot in Dublin) has been lost.

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