The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

And back

The cats, that is. The poor things have been in cat prison since Friday morning while we gadded off to Blackpool Dublin.

We had a smooth journey back from the Porterhouse, getting to the departure gate a good hour before the plane departed. (The traffic on the road up to the airport seems much lighter at the moment than it used to.) We may in future stay that bit longer at the pub.

I don't enjoy Ryanair's attitude to its customers, but I do have a sneaking admiration for their current ability to shovel people on and off their aircraft faster than any other airline. They even seem to spend more time taxiing to and from the gates than actually at the gates themselves. It helps that they probably fly with emptier holds than anyone else - if you want to check a bag with them, it can double your costs if you're not careful, so they can concentrate on the Self Loading Freight.

At Stansted, pre-booking parking at the mid-term carpark is worth it - the pre-booked price compares well to the long-term's turn-up-and-pay price, and the mid-term car park has more frequent and quicker transfers. Our coach last night had only half a dozen other people on it, who all got off early, so we then just went up to the driver and told him which stop we wanted, allowing him to skip the usual palaver of calling out the toher stops.

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