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Off in the distance
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2004-04-05 21:37
Subject: 27: C J Cherryh - Cloud's Rider
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Author: C J Cherryh
Title: Cloud's Rider
Genre: SF
Published: New English Library, 1997
Pages: 373
Purchased: Ex libris (£5.99)
ISBN: 0-340-68912-9

This is the sequel to The Rider at the Gate (see previous review), and it's more of the same. It commences a few days after the previous one finishes, but moves more to the viewpoint of Carlo Goss, one of the only three people to survive the village of Tarmin once they arrive in the tiny mountain village of Evergreen (an ironic name, considering it's buried in the snow for the entire book).

This one is slower moving than the previous - less happens, and the constriction of all the action to the village and its near surrounds loses the sense of freedom that one had. More is internal, and there's more selfish stupidity among the characters, which is something that the first novel avoided. Cherryh is at her best, in my opinion, when dealing with characters who try their best - she doesn't usually inflict the lethal egocentrism that a few have here.

In general, I found this disappointing. I didn't quite throw it across the room, but there were sections during which I was tempted.
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