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Jousting is easy

The daily quest Among the Champions must be one of the best ones to do once one is allowed to do it.

What is this quest? It's to joust against, and defeat, four faction champions, at the Argent Tournament grounds.

If you're doing any of the dailies given up there, then you really want to be doing this one. It can take as little as 5 minutes, you don't have to leave the Tournament grounds, it rewards you with over 20 gold, and there's no chance of suffering any damage. Best of all, it appears that it doesn't matter how low-level your equipment is, you won't do any the worse at it, because this is a 'vehicle' quest: you are assigned a standard mount, with standard abilities.

And, as I said, jousting is easy.

Well, it is, once you've practised a bit, and know what you're doing.

When I first tried jousting, I was going up against the valiants, not even the champions, and it was tough. I was almost weeping from the frustration, and I'm not the only one. When it came to having to defeat even a single champion to achieve the 'Champion of $foo' status, I couldn't do it on my own: I was having to get a fellow player to attempt to assist me (and getting that to work, by the way, is a subject in its own right). I certainly had no intention of attempting the full Among the Champions quest, because that was four times as hard, just as a daily.

But by the time I'd achieved Champion status with five factions, the jousting seemed just a little bit easier. It was still an utter pain, but I'd survived the Before the Citadel quest once or twice (one where you can get killed), and I got that last champion on my own.

So I started on the Among the Champions, trying it every now and again, and every few days completing it.

And you know what? Each time I did it, it did get easier.

Initially, my tactic was quite simple: keep hitting my opponent with the sword, and never letting them retreat far enough either to throw a Shield Breaker, or to charge. This is a slow, attritional tactic which half the time led to defeat, and half the rest of the time the fight went on so long that the opponent gave up on it - there seems to be something like a 10 minute time-out per fight.

But I got better. The first stage was occasionally letting the opponent retreat far enough for me to throw a shield breaker, while quickly closing so that they couldn't turn and do the same.

The second stage was to let them retreat that little bit further, and actually get a charge in instead.

The third stage was to continue the charge so that I arc round just, just far enough away to throw a shield breaker before rejoining close quarters melee.

I have now got to the stage that it is not uncommon for me to win a fight while I still have 40,000+ hp left of the initial 50,000, and I consider it a sloppy fight if I have less than 25,000. And I have managed to successfully joust four different opponents in under five minutes on one occasion.

So, how am I doing this?

Firstly, I pick my opponents. I always use the Stormwind mount, and I never fight the Kodo rider.

Secondly, before the fight starts, I ensure I'm on full shields, and I stand next to my opponent for the challenge. When they ride off, I do a charge the moment it's possible. This will knock them down to 2/3 shields.

When I do a charge, I go past, and arch round at minimum shield-break range, to throw that shield breaker. That should knock them down to 1/3 shields, though it might drop me to 2/3. (But I'll return to 3/3 shortly after melée starts.)

I then close, and start hitting them with the sword.

Once closed, the moment my shields come off cooldown, I also refresh/reinforce my shields. I lost many fights in the past due to my shields expiring. But the SB/Charge/Shields are on a common cooldown: if I've just closed, it's not time to SB or charge again for a while, so I use that cooldown to get my shields back to full strength/period.

While closed, I try to turn my opponent so that they are between me and the centre of the ring (it's frustrating if they turn and charge off the grounds, so I try to make it more unlikely.

Also when closed, I will tend to back away slowly. I never turn my back on an opponent - I let them decide when to turn and back off. This is good, because while I'm facing them, I can charge the moment they're far enough away, while they can't charge me yet because they're facing the wrong way. If when I back away, they don't follow me closely enough, I can sometimes throw a SB, while they almost certainly won't try the same on me.

What I'm trying to do while fighting is to keep my shields at 3/3, and theirs at 0/3. Shields at 3/3 absorb 90% of damage. At 2/3, they absorb 60%, and at 1/3, only 30%. So, if an opponent and I are both hitting each other all the time, but I have 3/3 shields and they have no shields, I'm doing 10 times the damage I'm receiving. I'm relying on the SB and the charge to take their shields down, not for the relevant damage (though that's certainly nice too). This is how I very occasionally complete an entire fight with more than 45,000 hp left.

The other thing I'm watching is my cooldowns. I want to make sure that I can start a charge at almost any time. If I can't start a charge, but they're turning away, then I'll follow to keep within minimum charge range until my cooldown is ready, and then I'll let them retreat that little bit further so I can change them before they can do it to me.

A note - when I want to charge or SB, I hammer the key from just before it should be ready. It's possible that upon a bad lag connection, none of this will work. And oh, this requires full concentration, at least at first. It's very much a learned skill, and the different opponents seem to behave differently. I can defeat the Kodo rider, but I find it much harder than the others. I usually choose the Troll and Undead Champions first, usually followed by the Night Elf and Human ones from the Alliance. I've fought them enough times that I now know how they're thinking (or rather, I can predict their AIs).

I use my left hand for the 1/2/3/4 keys, as well as for the S key (walk backwards) and W (walk forwards), while using the mouse in my right hand to steer when I'm charging.

Jousting is easy, once you've got used to it.

Good luck.
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