The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
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I'm currently farming Netherwing reputation. I reckon I have it fairly optimised: I can do the 8 daily quests in under an hour, which nets me 3400 reputation.

And this morning, when I wandered into the mine, I picked up 6 eggs, for a total of 2100 additional rep.

So it's possible to get 5500 rep in the hour, if I get lucky (it helps if I wander in right after the reset, when none of the eggs need to respawn).

So, tomorrow I should reach exalted with them, and that gives me another mount, and then I can concentrate on the Skyguards (with whom I need about 10,000 more, but that gives me another 6 mounts, and anyway, it's rather charming hearing all those fly guys making nice comments when I wander past).

And I need to farm the Frenzyhearts as well.

A quick gripe on that, BTW: one of the achievements (or sets thereof) is to 'raise reputation with x factions to exalted'. The operative word is 'raise', not 'have'. But the actual mechanics is 'have'. If you lose exalted status with a faction, your count does actually go down, much to my annoyance, since I used to have Oracle exalted status.
Tags: world of warcraft

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