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Off in the distance
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2004-03-17 14:07
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When the bombs went off in Madrid, I was horrified and sympathetic, but as I don't know any Spaniards, it was a distant event rather than something that affected any friends or family.

What I'd forgotten is that an English friend is currently working in that city. As it turns out, he commutes in and out via the main station that took so much damage, and it's only that because as a programmer he doesn't do early mornings that he wasn't there when the bombs went off. Happily for him, none of his friends or colleagues were affected either.

Our friend decided he doesn't want to work there any more - no, not because of the attack. He had an interview on Monday, and as of next month he'll be back in England full time.
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Rillaith: Stairs
User: rillaith
Date: 2004-03-17 06:22 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
We have several Spanish friends - forutnately all the ones I know personally are just fine (as they live in Madrid, and it's a very large family).

Unfortunately the aunt-in-law (I think) of a spanish friend of my parents who lives over here and helps Dad with his homework was one of the victims. Bit of a tenuous link, and doesn't make it seem that much less distant. I think I'm somewhat inured to such things after growing up with the ever-present IRA stuff, and always being aware of ETA.

Had planned to go to Madrid for my birthday weekend but had already changed my mind (for this year) - certainly not because of this, but solely because our friends will be elsewhere in the country that weekend and I should be saving money, not spending it.

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