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Out with uitlander last night at our local Indian restaurant, we'd been presented with the Wine List. I quickly cast my eye down it, and ordered #21.

A red Cote du Rhone. Well, bellinghwoman and I have a certain sentimental attachment to the Southern Rhone, and although it didn't specifically say so, I reckoned the wine I'd chosen was Southern Rhone.

When the wine arrived, with the familiar green seal on the top of the cork, I asked to check the label. Yes, it was what I'd hoped it was from the name on the wine list: Château Saint Esteve d'Uchaux (the list just said 'Red Cote du Rhone Domaine St Estephe').

Now, for most of you, this will be a pretty obscure wine. But it was the first time I'd bought a bottle from anywhere except the Chateau itself. Back in '95, I'd been driving through Provence on the way to Mt Ventoux when I spotted a stately building off to the left, with a 'come hither' sign by the entrance. I'd driven in, and ended up leaving with a case in the car boot. Now, one cannot drink wine on one's own, so I recruited someone to help me consume this.

A year later, on February 29th 1996, that person and I were driving back from Mt Ventoux, and we dropped in and bought two cases.

I'd never encountered a bottle since before last night, but for bellinghwoman and me, it's 'our wine'.
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