The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

21: Marion Zimmer Bradley - Witchlight

Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Title: Witchlight
Genre: Modern fantasy
Published: Tor 2004
Pages: 342
Purchased: K Presse + Buche (Bahnhof SBB), Basel, 2004-03-05, CHF 13.70
ISBN: 0-7653-4714-8

This was the other book I bought at Basel station, and I read it on the journey to Friedrichshafen, finishing it on the ferry over Lake Constanz.

The novel starts as a puzzle - Winter Musgrave doesn't remember how she has come to be living in a rural up-state New York house. But strange things are happening - when she wakes up of a morning, the doors and windows are open, and corpses of small animals and birds are to be found, bloodless. She finds help from psychic investigators at the local University, and begins to piece together what has happened. But all the time, the magic surrounding her is getting stronger, and somehow she must prevent massive destruction at the same time.

This is an undemanding but enjoyable read. Bradley has been writing for decades, and produces a smooth story. It's a little too pat at the end - too much everything coming right rather than true redemption, but although it's not a book to make me go rushing out to find everything she's written (actually, I have most of what she has written, with the exception of the Arthurian stuff which bored me stiff), it's also not the book to make me give up on her again.

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