The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Floris bread 2

OK, this is to note a variation in the recipé, so I know what I've done (and it's only just gone into the over):

500g potatoes, steamed then mashed
75 ml olive oil
1000g plain flour
3 tsp salt
75 g fresh yeast
250 ml water

Mixing the flour and mashed potato, and adding more flour and water as I go until I've got a stiffer dough.

The rising is nothing like as explosive (about 90 minutes to double in volume) and I'm baking for 40 minutes rather than 30.

ETA: Note that these are the changes: the loaf is still steam baked, as per previous post. See comments for picture of the result.

Also, I moistened the top and added poppy seed to the top.

Conclusion: a bit more water (this was half the previous amount) next time, and maybe a 35 minute bake.
Tags: bread

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