The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Looking at Google Maps.with detective's eyes

Looking at the photographic view of our house, I see that the picture has been updated.

It was taken last year: the yellow lines are fresh on the road, so it was no earlier than last year, yet the trees are in full leaf, the cherry not in bloom, so it's not this year.

My car is there, bellinghwoman's is not (and my manager's one is in his parking space at work - he normally uses the space next to mine in the overflow carpark, and yes, this is probably the same scan).

So it's a weekday, approximately 9:00, give or take 45 minutes.

It's not Monday: the bins aren't out.

The trees are casting shadows, so the weather is good.

Aha: the harvest has been done, with the last of the bales still in the fields. So probably September last year.

All the people parked down our street, only light traffic on the roads: the rush hour period is definitely over, it's probably closer to 9:30, give or take 15 minutes. So, there's only 2 hours a week in which it is likely to have been, and probably only a half-dozen or so weeks that it could have been. That's a total of twelve hours, admittedly spread out, during which it is probable that the aerial view was taken.

With full weather records, plus my manager's time sheets, I could probably narrow it down further if I really wanted to.

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