The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Sweet FA

Our social whirl continues.

On Friday last, we visited St Albans for the Fascinating Aida concert at the Arena. Getting there was a pleasant surprise: we got there in little over half an hour, and parked about two minutes walk away from the venue. Compare this to the time it takes to get into the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, it's little longer, despite being much further on the map, simply due to the ease of dropping into the centre of St Albans of an evening.

Somewhat to our surprise, we bumped into 1/2r in the foyer. I say 'somewhat surprisingly' since we usually see him at conventions, and the only time we've encountered him outside an actually con was a few years ago, in Blackpool, when we, he and feorag went off to a pub. Somehow, (even though we were all in Blackpool for an Eastercon), that made me associate him with the North West rather than just north of the M25.

The concert was good, with Dillie Keane and Adele Anderson being joined by the newcomer Liza Pulman. (Newcomer in that she's only been with them for a few years now.) They're pretty polished, and the sound in the auditorium was, for the most part, very good, especially compared to the Corn Exchange. They covered all the songs on the new CD (which was recorded only a couple of months ago, at the end of January), and slipped a few of the oldies in too. The songs range from the outrageously raunchy 'Dogging' through to some genuinely poignant ones, with satirical ones as well.

At the end, we picked up an autographed copy of the CD which we played to my Floridian sister and my Mum on Saturday, to the enjoyment of both. (I knew Mum liked FA, but didn't known that my sisters had once seen them in Northampton.)

Oh, and parking in St Albans is nicer, too. That car-park was easy to get into, easy to get out of, and was free. On coming back from the Corn Exchange, there's always a long queue for the ticket machines. So we may just be thinking of St Albans in the future.

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