The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

On Bread

Last night, I made two loaves of bread. The recipé I used is one from an old book - Bakery, Cakes and Simple Confectionary by Maria Floris, found for me by my beloved bellinghwoman - and is called Floris Bread.

It's light, with a thin but crisp crust to it. It's possibly the best bread I've ever made, because normally loaves I try for end up tasting nice, but being quite heavy. This particular recipé uses a lot of yeast (she tends to go for high quantities of yeast and salt), and the dough was definitely silky to the hand before I baked it, with a total rising time of about 2 hours.

Oh, and it contains mashed potato and plain flour rather than a bread flour. The Florises being a Budapest family (from the Pest side of the river, IIRC), I suspect this was based on a traditional Hungarian bread. I do wonder whether this was a bread they supplied to Buckingham Palace (the Soho bakery was By Appointment.)

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