The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Up in the air, and down again

Off to sunny Luton, and it's the pre-booked car park we use this time. It's cheaper, apparently, but more usefully, you don't wander round looking for a space - you just leave your keys, and let the staff valet-park for you.

Into the terminal, and the usual EasyJet hassle at check-in. There're never enough check-in desks to keep the queues moving smartly, but then, that's part of what you give up when you go for cheap fares.

(Actually, we're using the flight because it's convenient rather than cheap.)

We get to Züri an hour late, but never mind. We pop out of the terminal building to have a quick smoke, and give Peter and Diane a call. The bellinghwoman thinks they're in Zürich, but they're actually in Berne, visiting the bears. Thank goodness for mobile phones - how would we have managed that sort of link up without them, especially since we're on British numbers, P&D are on Irish ones, and we're wandering in Switzerland?

So, we arrange to meet in Basel at about 17:00.

90 minutes later, we're in Basel. It's beautiful clear weather, and we check into the Radisson (4 star hotel, and we're getting a double room for only CHF 173 per night). The Radisson is on Steinentorstrasse, a mere 5 minutes walk down from the station (there's a tram that runs from outside the station to outside the hotel, but it goes a bit roundabout to get there, so walking is quicker).

At 17:00, we're back up at the Hautbahnhof waiting for P&D. They finally arrive, and it's bear hugs all round, before we get on the tram (since we've already checked in, we've already got our mobility cards that let us ride anywhere during our stay) and help them get their lugage down to the Hotel Basel, which is right in the centre of the old city.

(One of the things we prefer about the Radisson is that it's quiet. Triple glazing really keeps out the Gugge music.)

But they do have a nice room. A strangely shaped suite on one corner, up on the fourth floor, so a wonderful view down onto the crowds below.

Then downstairs, and we have a meal in their hotel restaurant with, of course, plenty of wine.

After that, we wander out onto the streets. It's pretty quiet - there's still eight hours to go before everything gets going, but even so, a few laderna can be seen, though covered up since it's not yet time for the Morgenstreich.

Finally, we head for bed, asking the hotel to give us a wake-up call just before 3:00. P&D aren't sure whether they're going to make it, so agree to call us about then if they are going to.

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