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Off in the distance
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2008-10-21 15:36
Subject: Back from Dublin
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Note to self: next time when booking the ferries, double check.

Midday Sunday, I received a text message from Stena informing me that the 11:30 ferry had been cancelled, due to rough weather. I was a bit bemused by this, wondering why they'd bothered telling me this, since we were booked on the 17:45 Monday sailing. Perhaps they were being proactive, in case the weather didn't ease before the afternoon sailing.

On Monday morning I checked our details, to see that we were supposed to be returning on the 11:30. Oops. Well, since they'd cancelled, it didn't cost anything to say 'Just get us on the next ferry, OK?'.

The crossing was a little rough, especially compared to the outward trip, but no real problem.

The roads, now, oh dear. I really don't like the M6: it's a dangerous road, and it looks like there were 7 fatalities in two different accidents in the period that we were on it. I'm really not sure why it gets so many problems: on one trip, we encountered 4 different accidents in a single return journey along its length, including the point where the traffic was having to part to pass either side of a downed motorbike. (I assume the rider had scrambled to the edge.)
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