The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Mitch Benn

Mitch Benn will be at the Junction in Cambridge next Saturday.

We will not. We'll be at NewCon, in England's third University town (which centre of learning was suppressed in 1265, due to the difficulty in adding extra syllables to the word Oxbridge).

So last night, we popped over to Norwich to see him there instead.

Middle of the front row, close enough to be able to rest my feet on the stage, and it was a much better set than the one at Orbital. That's not to say he was bad then, but this time he had the Distractions with him (Ivan Shephard on drums, Kirsty Newton on bass, keyboards, vocals and kazoo - for some reason, Kirsty reminded us strongly of fjm, if you could imagine her in a sleeveless short dress and powder blue cowgirl boots), and the result was a better performance, with banter going on, especially between him and Kirsty. And anyway, quite a few of his songs need more than just him and his guitar.

Two annoyances: his new album isn't quite out yet, so we couldn't buy it off him afterwards, and secondly, he's run out of the tour CD - the one he only had a few copies of at Orbital. Argh! There were only a thousand copies made, he says.

So, if anyone's got a copy of Mitch Benn's Official Bootleg, I'd be interested.

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