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#290 Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio: Girl Genius #6: Agatha Heterodyne and the Golden Trilobite

Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio: Girl Genius #6: Agatha Heterodyne and the Golden Trilobite

Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: Studio Foglio (30 Jun 2007)
ISBN-10: 1890856428
ISBN-13: 978-1890856427
Category(ies): Science Fiction (Graphic Novel)

It's nearly two years since I reviewed Girl Genius #5: Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess, but here at last is the sixth volume. And the story continues: Agatha is in the mountain city of Sturmhalten, having been captured by a group of strange priestesses under the command of 'The Other'. Soon, it's not just the castle that's under control - Agatha herself is being taken over, by the spirit of her own long-lost mother.

Although Agatha's friends are loyal, the Baron Klaus Wulfenbach is after her hide, convinced she's the greatest threat to the peace of Europe, though the Baron's son, Gilgamesh, is more of an ally. With all these factions and more, Agatha's small group is in severe danger of being ground up in the gears of the story.

This volume is a little confusing, which is a consequence of the reader never being quite sure when Agatha is in her right mind and when not. On the other hand, the charm of the art, together with the wit and invention, are more than enough to make me love this. Roll on volume 7.
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