The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

And so to Tallinn

We managed to switch hotels in 70 minutes. That's not bad, considering we had an international flight in the middle. Annoyingly, we covered that distance going backwards, as of the AW139's three rows of seats, only two face forward.

We're now in the Old Town in Tallinn, about 100 metres from what was for a while the tallest building in the world: St Olav's Church (it's not as tall as it used to be, because the original tower collapsed and got rebuilt a bit shorter). We're in a hotel that is built on what used to be one of the city wall's towers, and the stone walls to either side of me were erected so far back that their exact date of building is obscure, but they were in place by the mid 14th Century. In contrast, the beams that roof the space between these walls could well date from this century. We arrived a little early to check in (that's the effect of being able to get out of your seat after landing, step down onto the ground, pick your bag from the trolley and descend the steps to your taxi - that period between check-out and check-in is too long!), so deposited our bags in the luggage room and wandered out into the Old Town for an hour or three.

My, that's dangerous.

There's one shop that attempts to sell the same stuff that was on sale back when this was one of the great Hanseatic League cities. And the staff are dressed that way, too. But we escaped from them without too much difficulty. No, what's the real problem is the amber.

frostfox and marykaykare? Do not come here.

No, really. Don't.

I warned you.

They even have an Amber Mall.

Herself now has some rather nice green amber and silver earrings. Not to mention a rather fine pair of Italian leather gloves. Dearie me.

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