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10: Katherine Kerr and Kate Daniel - Polar City Nightmare

Author: Katherine Kerr and Kate Daniel
Title: Polar City Nightmare
Genre: SF
Published: Gollancz 2000
Pages: 357
Purchased: Borders, Cambridge, 2004-01-24, £6.99
ISBN: 1-85798-783-7

Kerr's original novel, Polar City Blues, was a fun romp. Polar City is, unusually enough, a mainly black-dominated mileau, and as SF, rather different from her normal fantasy fare. Now comes a second novel, not a sequel but another dip into the place. And although it's Kerr's name that dominates the cover, it's pretty obvious from the acknowledgements page that it's largely Daniel's novel.

So, how did this handover do?

Well, it's one of those great fun novels - a McGuffin has been stolen that could lead to an interstellar (and interspecies) war. A psychic baseball player is desparate for his 'talent' not to be found out. An old woman ends up smuggling a priceless relic in her knitting. An impressively slick thief slides through the plot, but the real thief is found coming from left field ... oops, sorry.

All in all, noting serious, but very competently written and quite enjoyable, with one proviso - if you're going to have a game played under beating sun, it's going to be cricket, not baseball.

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