The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

A week ago #1

3rd July

I've now left work, and we're at home finishing packing. We will shortly set off for Dover, about 120 miles away (or two hours drive, since most of that distance is motorway).

At Dover, we will check in at the Ferry Terminal where we will park the car. We will go into the café/shop complex where we'll notice that the Burger King is in the process of closing, despite it being merely mid afternoon, hours before the scheduled closing time. But we'll sit at the coffee bar, eating baguettes and drinking coffee while I call my mother for a chat.

When we've finished the snack (which will have been my breakfast), we'll go over to the shop which will be well stocked with just about everything the motorist may need for continental motoring. I have a warning triangle, but no first aid kit, no fire extinguisher, etc. etc. Also, though we do have a SatNav, last time we were overseas, it refused to give me routes, so it'll be a good time to update the European road atlas. In fact, I'll buy a pan-European one, and a detailed one for Germany itself (conveniently covering most of Luxembourg too).

The first sally will be pretty expensive, because that'll quite a lot to buy (though they'll be one-off purchases). But one requirement in a number of countries is a bulb kit, and I'll not know which kit to get without going back to the car for the manual. That will mean a second trip from the car to the shop.

When the ferry has loaded, we'll head down to the front of the vessel. It'll be the Maersk Delft, a Samsung-built ship, and only three years old. We'll sit in the Panorama restaurant up the bow, where I'll have a rather good steak and kidney pudding, and we'll watch the French coast as we head across the Channel and along to Dunkerque, which is where the Norfolk Line ferries go.

We'll disembark in Dunkerque at a little after 21:00 local time, and be somewhat happier when the SatNav decides not to throw the strop it did back in March. It'll be an easy drive to the outskirts of Brugge (oh dear, that name isn't in my spell checker, and you can guess what half the suggestions are, can't you?). At Brugge, we'll turn in towards the city, and look for the Campanile, which we'll totally fail to find for a while, and it'll only be when we return to the roundabout that we see its lights across the other side. We'll check in, and then have a couple of nice beers before the bar closes.

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